Clear Your Blocks

Connect with divine-self and remember you are a unique expression of the source energy. Free your mind, body and energetic system from blocks, fears and limitations. Remember what an amazing and beautiful contribution you really are and create a life you love
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The Keys to Freedom and Happiness Lie Within

You are a unique spark of divine source energy, here to shine your light, share your gifts and create a life a love.

I’m here is to assist you in unlocking and remembering the light within you so that activate and upgrade your system to remember your divine self, inner wisdom and gifts and free your system of old blocks, fears and conditioning so that you can  move beyond feeling stuck, lost or limited in your life and live your fullest and most authentic life.

We are now living in a new paradigm, where encouraged from within to drop what no longer serves us and align with our divine selves.

Imagine how powerful it would be to get in touch with the inner light within you and remember your true worth? to be able to transform traumas, stuck emotions, fears and limiting patterns that are active in your vibration! How amazing would that feel? How much happier would your life be?

Connect with your inner light and wisdom, clear your mind, body and energetic system of health, wealth, success, relationship and self-love blocks and align with your divine-self.

Change Your Life With Me

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Start living a life love you today. Connect with the source energy within you, free yourself from blocks, fears and traumas and embrace the divine, amazing being you really are.

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Coming soon, courses to deeper connection with the source energy within you. Clear your blocks, connect with your intuition and bring more divine flow into all areas of your life

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Raise your vibration, free your system from restrictions and limitations, step into the fullness of who you truly are and create a life you love being you and creating your dreams.

Philippa King

Free Yourself From Blocks & Align with Your Divine Self

Do you feel stuck or blocked in any area of your life? Are you getting the results you want in

  • Spiritual growth
  • Self-love or personal progress
  • Success, finances or career
  • Love and relationships
  • Health and inner happiness

Wherever you feel stuck, blocked or would like to create change within yourself, your life or your career, I can help you to powerfully connect with your inner wisdom and resources to create lasting positive changes. To clear your mind, body and energetic system of blocks and fears that may have been holding you back from moving forward and being your true authentic self and living your best life.

I’ve been assisting people to clear their blocks, connect with source energy and their inner wisdom for 20 years. I work via zoom or skype, so distance is no barrier.

What Its Like To Work With Me

“I have attended courses with Philippa, as well as having a private one to one healing session. Philippa is an amazing teacher and healer. I’ve been going through some extremely challenging times for several years. We have worked through many physical and emotional blocks together, including a very traumatic past life experience which was having a huge in pact on my current life. She works with speed, empathy & compassion and her healing delivers amazing results, many of them instant. If I can be any where near as good as Philippa and can help others change their lives for the better then it will be wonderful. I now use healing in my every day life and it has been truly life changing. I can’t thank Philippa enough, I highly recommend her healing and courses.”

Denise Withey

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing learning, healing and experience on your Healing course and retreat. It has been revolutionary on all levels, personal, professional, synchronicity, manifestation, my list could go on and go. You are a fantastic and patient teacher with a very kind nature and big heart; I feel privileged to have learnt with you. Thank you for being so genuine and open on the course and for all the wonderful extras too, taking us to the beautiful sights and beaches. I feel I have already entered a new shiny phase and I’m so happy and excited about life and can’t wait to share these amazing skills with others. Life just exploded in a phenomenal way!”

Renata Spinelly Martins

“I have noticed many changes as a result of my sessions with Pip.  I’ve noticed that I don’t get nervous and am very calm.  I am able to get my jobs done with less procrastination. I stopped smoking the next day after the session which was a side effect of the work that Pip had done as the session was not about stopping smoking, but all of a sudden I didn’t feel the desire to smoke any more.  I was able to set up a Facebook site for my business which I would never have started.  Life seems to flow better.  I would highly recommend Pip’s treatments when you need to change things in your life or are feeling stuck with behavioral patterns that you can’t seem to change no matter what you do.”

Anna Buchanan

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